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65 Potential Road Blocks to a Successful Transaction

It is the wise client that prepares for problems before they happen! I also believe in this concept for my business! For this reason, I would like to share my problem checklist that keeps me busy everyday. Since no escrow is closed until it is closed, the following items are my potential roadblocks.

I am armed with the tools to overcome each and every problem encountered here; however, it would be unfair for me to say that every problem can be solved. I have placed a delay of closing estimate next to each problem. The items with asterisks (*) are potential deal-killers.

Here we go:


1. Lender does not properly pre-qualify borrower. 2 weeks or *

2. Lender decides last minute they don’t like borrower. 2 weeks or *

3. Lender decides at the last minute they don’t like the property. 2 weeks or *

4. Lender wants property repaired or cleaned prior to close. 1-3 weeks

5. Lender raises rates, points, or costs. 2 weeks or *

6. Borrower does not qualify because of late

additional information. 2 weeks or *

7. Lender requires a reappraisal last minute. 2 weeks

8. The borrower does not like the fine print in the

loan documents that we receive 3 days before close. 3 days or *

9. Lender loses the file. 1-3 weeks

10. The lender does not simultaneously ask for information

from the buyer, asking for information in bits and pieces. 1-4 weeks 


1. Will not return phone calls. 1-3 weeks

2. Transfers to another office. 1 week

3. Did not pre-qualify the client for motivation 2 weeks or *

4. Goes on vacation and leaves no one to handle file. 1-4 weeks or *

5. Does not understand or lacks experience in real estate. 1 week or *

6. Poor people skills with buyer. 1-3 weeks

7. Gets client upset over minor points. 1-3 weeks

8. Does not communicate with their client. 1-3 weeks


1. Did not tell the truth on loan application 1 week or *

2. Did not tell the truth to their agent. 1 week or *

3. Submits incorrect tax returns to lender. 4 weeks or *

4. Lacks motivation. 1 week or *

5. Source of down payment changes 1 week or *

6. Family members do not like purchase. 1 week or *

7. Is too picky regarding condition. 1 week or *

8. Finds another property that is a better deal. 1 week or *

9. They are "nibblers", (always negotiating). 1 week or *

10. The buyers bring an attorney into the picture. 2 weeks or *

11. They do not execute paperwork in a timely matter. 3 weeks or *

12. They do not deliver their money in a "good funds",

cashiers check, to the escrow account. 1-2 weeks

13. Job change, illness, divorce, or other financial setback. 3 weeks or *

14. Comes up shore on money. 1 week or *

15. Does not obtain insurance in a timely manner. 1-4 weeks


1. Does not find liens or problems until last minute. 1 week or *

2. Does not bend rules on small problems. 1-3 weeks

3. Poor service. 1-3 weeks

4. Loses paperwork. 1-3 weeks

5. Fails to notify agents of unsigned or unreturned

documents so that the agents can cure the problem

relating to same. 1 week or *

6. Fails to obtain information from beneficiaries, lien

holders, title & insurance companies, or lenders. 1 week or *

7. Lets principals leave town without getting all necessary

signatures. 1 week or *

8. Incorrect at interpreting or assuming aspects of the

transaction and then passing these items on to related

parties such as lenders, attorneys and buyers. 1 week or *

9. Too busy. 1-3 weeks

10. Incorrectly prepares paperwork. 1-3 weeks

11. Does not pass on valuable information fast enough. 1-4 weeks

12. Does not coordinate well so that many items can

be done simultaneously. 1-4 weeks


1. Loses motivation (i.e. job transfer did not go through) 1 week or *

2. Illness, death, divorce, etc. 1 week or *

3. Has hidden defects that are subsequently discovered. 1 week or *

4. Unknown defects are discovered. 1 week or *

5. Home inspection reveals average amount of small defects

that seller is unwilling to pay. 1 week or *

6. Gets an attorney involved. 1 week or *

7. Removes property from the premises that buyer believed

was included. 1-3 weeks

8. Is unable to clear up problems or liens. 1 week or *

9. Last minute solvable liens are discovered. 1-3 weeks

10. Seller did not own 100% of property as previously disclosed. 1 week or *

11. Seller thought partners signatures were "no problem", but

they were! 1 week or *

12. Seller leaves town without giving anyone power of attorney. 1-4 weeks.

13. The notary did not make a clear stamp when notarizing the

seller’s signature. 3 days-1 week

14. Seller delays the projected move-out date. 1 day or *


1. Earthquake, tornado, fire, slides, etc. 1 week or *


1. The appraiser is not local and misunderstands the market. 1-3 weeks

2. No comparable sales available. 1 week or *

3. Appraiser delays (too busy, etc.) 1-3 weeks

4. Incorrect appraisal. 1-3 weeks.

5. Appraisal too low. 1 week or *

I appreciate the time you have spent to understand the challenging time between contract acceptance and close. I wanted you to understand these potential problems for the following reasons:

1. A transaction cannot close until escrow has cleared up any and all previously mentioned problems.

2. To let you know that I have great experience in heading off these potential pitfalls and thus can hopefully make you feel more secure that you chose the correct realtor.

3. To make these pitfalls clear to all the parties I am working with so those problems can be discovered early.

4. To make you aware of these pitfalls so that you can warn me of any potential problems.

Please be assured I will do everything possible to bring your transaction to a successful close.

Kathleen Krize

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