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Emerald Hills


For those of you new to Emerald Hills, or think you might like to live in this unique and beautiful community, it is an area situated among oak-studded hills and winding streets overlooking Redwood City, San Carlos, and Woodside. Most of the area is in the County and has a definite country feel. Emerald Hills was originally conceived as a resort community for city-weary San Franciscans during WW1. The area we call Emerald Hills actually consists of two large subdivisions created around 1020: Emerald Lake (even though there are two lakes) and Emerald Hills.

For people who live in Emerald Hills the boundaries are loosely defined as encompassing the area boxed by Farm Hill Boulevard, Canada Road, Edgewood Road and the Alameda. However, the zoning map provides more accurate information.

Emerald Hills has a strong homeowners association (EHHA). People usually have strong opinions about HOA's and the EHHA is no exception. Most recent controversery involves the Design Review Committee and the decision to disarm this committe. See see more information of this topic see the EHHA Website.

The homes in Emerald Hills range from very large luxury homes to the more modest home. The last twenty years has seen considerable construction in the "hills". The area has two lakes. Linda Lake (Upper Lake) is a private five acre lake owned by the homeowners bordering the lake. Each own one-eleventh of the lake and many of the homes here are recent construction and some of the most expensive in the area. The lower lake (Lower Lake) is a private county club with a country lake atmosphere offering beach, swimming, boating, and special events.

Generally, a home buyer can get more home for the price in Emerald Hills compared to more pricey towns of Menlo Park or Palo Alto. Personally, I live in Emerald Hills and would love to share the delights of the area with you. Call me.