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One of the most prestigious addresses in the Bay Area. Pretty and leafy with many native live oaks, white oaks, bay trees, redwood trees, cedars, pines and other ornamental trees covering the six square miles of land. The Town is bordered by Menlo Park, Redwood City, Woodside, and unincorporated San Mateo County. There are 49 miles of roads in Atherton and approximately 2505 households with no industry or business allowed within the town limits.

There are no sidewalks, no street lamps and when the city installed street reflectors the size of coasters, residents complained. Atherton raises most of its revenues through the property tax, fees and state subventions.

Located in the south county, a short drive from Palo Alto and Stanford, the town starts in the flatlands then moves west up the hills, until it reaches Highway 280.

Although it's adding homes here and there, Atherton is essentially built out. Nonetheless, there's a good deal of building, in the form of remodelings and expansions, going on in the town. Atherton limits home sizes to 8,000 square feet above ground. Many homeowners are digging out large basements to get more space.

Atherton does not have a school district. About one-half the children attend private schools. The others attend public schools in either Menlo Park or Redwood City.

Atherton has zero tolerance for crime. Cops respond to every call. One woman called the cops when she found a discarded 7-11 cup in her drieway. She wanted the cops to send it to the FBI lab so the litterbug could be identified. The police have been know to supply ear plugs when residents complained about construction noise, picked up newspapers for vacationing residents and rounded up two miniature horses that slipped out of a corral. While this raises smiles, it also pleases residents and reflects community values.